Leo Jones and Frankie Walters
Sundayze with Leo Jones and Frankie Walters
Leo Jones and Frankie Walters

Leo Jones

Leo has always been interested in media with a natural passion for great music and broadcasting. From the age of fourteen, Jones could be spotted taking over the decks at weddings and party celebrations.

Much of his teenage years were spent in cities exploring the commercial music scene. His favourite city for great music and clubbing in London and the Kings Cross area, which introduced him to lifelong friends and great music. Jones also grew up listening to Motown after it was introduced to him by his parents and he loves anything out of the 80s.

Leo Jones has two young sons, Hugo and Zac, who keep him busy with their love of animals and endless trips to the zoo. One of their favourite things to do together is travel to their family home in Majorca as often as possible.
Following a successful career at the popular UK airline EasyJet as the Regional General Manager for the UK and Ireland, Jones featured in the docu-soap Airline. His career has enabled him to travel a great deal to some of his favourite countries include Spain and Greece.

Jones has been a listener of Charitable Radio since it started and the fact this radio has charity at its core makes it even more wonderful. The pandemic has really emphasised the need for humanity to pull together and give to those less fortunate.


Frankie Walters

Frankie’s charming personality comes with her passion for human and animal rights. Her concoction of British and Lebanese genes has created a captivating mix of traits from both worlds. Her new-age hippy worldview will have you smiling, no matter how dark the weather.

Walters achieved her BA in Middle Eastern Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) alongside an ABC Diploma in Photography from the University of the Arts London. Upon her return to Lebanon, she began a career in radio as the former morning show host of Virgin Radio Lebanon. She was dubbed the ‘Most Loved Radio Personality’ in Lebanon just seven months after the launch of the Virgin Radio Morning Crew.

Following those five years of success, Walters relocated to the United Kingdom where she co-founded #NoBeef to encourage individuals to reduce their impact on climate change by limiting their intake of beef and other meats. She also volunteers with Impact Lebanon. There she joined a group of dedicated volunteers to launch EduPact, a free education initiative that offers educational and learning support to all students, aged 18 and under, in Lebanon.

Today, Walters is pursuing an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Surrey and is very excited to be joining the Charitable Radio Family.

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