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Nonprofits sought for survey on digital fundraising & race


Strategic consultancy I.G Advisors, along with sister company Lightful, Unbound Philanthropy and other leaders in the racial justice sector are seeking nonprofits doing work with communities of colour in the UK to fill in a survey on their experiences of digital fundraising and race.

The survey is to help build a better understanding of how these organisations currently use digital for fundraising, and the challenges faced when fundraising online, and in communicating their work to audiences. 

If you’re a non-profit doing work with communities of colour in the UK, how would you rate your confidence with online #fundraising? Does racism impact this work? We are researching experiences of #digital fundraising & race & want to hear from you! https://t.co/hbvB5qQPkr (7min) pic.twitter.com/XOGIIQZE4Q

— I.G. Advisors (@IG_Advisors) May 11, 2021

The responses will help in the development and sharing of a number of new resources, including reports, a podcast, and potentially a tailored digital training programme. With this, I.G Advisors and its partners in the project hope to influence how funders approach supporting these organisations, as well as advocate for more useful guidance and training on how they can succeed online.

In its project summary, I.G Advisors says:

“We know the demand for funding is greater than the supply, and that often digital fundraising proves to be too challenging, or ineffective, for many organisations or projects focussed on race. We have our own experiences of trying to drive solutions, and falling short of the impact we wanted; and, we often hear of the added challenges faced by organisations when they focus on race, rather than other factors, in their messaging (e.g. BAME women’s rights).


“We are aiming to produce some insights and learning that will support organisations to see more success when digitally fundraising for racial justice work, as well as generate a clear call to action for funders to support the sector with getting there.


“I.G.’s agenda is to use our platform (our brand, podcast, blog, and client network) in the sector to hold funders accountable for their ongoing investments in this space, provide learning that goes beyond standard fundraising advice to pragmatically unpick and address the racial dynamics at play in digital fundraising. We know it’s not as simple as ‘organisations don’t have the skills or capacity’, and want to disrupt the way the sector understands, talks about, and addresses the challenges.”

The survey can be accessed here.

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