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Funding guides – the reading list


This month’s focus on funding and grantseeking has already listed lots of sources of advice and of where to find information about funding that might be relevant to your organisation. Today we’re offering you a reading list of printed funding directories and how-to guides. It’s a funding book reading list!

You can buy them of course, and we encourage you where possible to support the charity sector specialist publishers.

Equally, you should find many of these titles in a local library or business library, often together with their equivalent online searchable version.

The Directory of Grantmaking Trusts 2022/23

This (not surprisingly bestelling) directory features the information you need to seek your charity’s share of over £5.6 billion – the annual total awarded by the 2,000 funders featured in this edition.

The Guide to New Trusts 2021/22

This 10th edition features grantmakers who were registered in 2019/20, and which, according to publisher the Directory of Social Change, “were chosen for their wide geographical area of operation and the breadth of their giving criteria, making them relevant to a large number of charities”.

The Guide to New Trusts 2022/23

There’s often a new edition of this directory in the works. You can pre-order the 11th edition now. It is due out on 8 May 2022.

The Guide to Grants for Individuals in Need 2022/23

This guide covers not grants for charities but grants for individuals whom charities are often supporting.

According to the DSC it is the “guide for charities and organisations working on the front line, supporting those living in poverty or with complex, multiple needs.”

It will be published in March 2022 so can be pre-ordered now.

The Guide to Educational Grants 2020/21

The Guide to Educational Grants, now in its 16th edition, contains “over 800 sources of non-statutory financial help for people in education, offering a total of £47.2 million each year to the people you work with”.

The Europa International Foundation Directory 2021

Now in its 30th edition, the Europa International Foundation Directory offers a guide to foundations, charitable and grantmaking NGOs and other similar nonprofit institutions around the world.

Modern Grantmaking

A guide for funders who believe better is possible

To complement the directories of funders and guides to applying for funding, there is also guidance for those who make grants. This is one of the most publications for that audience.

Publisher the Directory of Social Change says “Modern Grantmaking is a practical guide for all professional grantmakers full of sensible advice on real-world grantmaking questions.”

These publications should get you started – and don’t forget that some of these directories are available online as searchable databases.

Did we miss a key funding directory or guide to seeking grants? We’ll gladly add them, together with any comments you’d like to share on them.

Post them in the comments below. Thank you.

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