Cost of living & lack of confidence holding people back from fundraising, survey suggests


A quarter of people would like to fundraise but are holding back because of the cost of living crisis and a lack of confidence, according to a survey conducted by YouGov for JustGiving.

Out of these, 36% don’t want to ask others for money at the moment, while 25% say they themselves are struggling financially. 20% are also put off because they don’t think they would raise much money, and 17% worry that no one would donate.


Most common reasons people aren’t raising funds for charities and good causes

36% don’t want to ask other people for money at the moment

25% are struggling financially themselves

20% don’t think they’ll raise much money

17% worry that nobody would donate

17% are unsure of what to do

15% say they just don’t know where to start

14% believe they are too old

13% would be scared they wouldn’t be able to complete the activity

12% said they wouldn’t be able to do anything extreme

Overall, 2021 people were surveyed at the end of February. Of these, 62% said they had raised money for a charity or good cause at some point previously. And, whilst almost one in five of these (18%) said they had felt anxious that people wouldn’t donate, 53% were pleased about how much money they raised.

In addition:

40% felt a real sense of achievement

28% felt happy

27% felt pride as a result

14% said they were pleasantly surprised that people donated

13% enjoyed the social side to the experience

12% said their mental wellbeing improved

JustGiving has also provided its Top 10 most popular fundraising activities, with fundraising challenges appearing in the list for the first time:

Its survey findings also show gaming, social media tutorials, podcasting, and makeup tutorials being considered amongst those aged 18-24.

Overall, JustGiving found that women have completed more fundraising activities than men, with only 23% of women having never fundraised, compared to almost a third (31%) of men. 24% of people have fundraised two or three times and 14% of Brits have taken on more than ten fundraising activities. 

Pascale Harvie, President and General Manager at JustGiving said: 

“The generosity of the British public and their want to help others, even when they themselves may be struggling financially, never fails to amaze me.


“Our insight shows that 24% of people would like to fundraise, but many are unsure how to go about it, or believe they need to take on an extreme activity to raise funds, which is not the case.  To help ensure charities don’t miss out, we’re launching a support network where some of our current fundraisers will share tips and answer questions that aspiring fundraisers may have.”

To help people gain the confidence to start fundraising, JustGiving is launching a network of fundraisers to share advice, tips and best practice. The network of JustGivers is due to go live in the coming weeks.

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